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Midwest American Bulldog Coalition is hosting an ABNA Sanctioned Show

White Pine Acres, 3497 E. 3000 N ROAD Bourbonnais, IL 60914

August 31st - Sept 2nd Labor Day weekend.

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The ABNA is making a huge comeback in the US. Midwest American Bulldog Coalition is hosting 3 dog shows in the

upcoming year. We're expecting this to be one of the biggest shows of the year and invite everyone and anyone to

attend. We'll have something for everyone to do, conformation,temperament testing and various working events,

cash awards for Best in Breed and even something special for the children. Weight pull TBA Please mark this on

your calendar for it is gonna be one not to miss. More info coming soon and judges TBA....huge names!
More shows to be announced...Nationwide!!!

ABNA will only accept registration paperwork for dogs registered with the
following long standing major registries at ABNA sanctioned shows:

ABA (American Bulldog Association)
NKC (National Kennel Club)
UKC (United Kennel Club)
ARF (Animal Research Foundation)
ABRA (American Bulldog Registry & Archives)
ARFE (Animal Research Foundation Europe)


We will have a novice protection tournament at both shows here in IL, HH,Sprint and Tug....we're working on getting

the wench for the hangtime. This is gonna be all well planned out and very organized, trust it will be old school ABNA.

Every show will have different judges so that every show will count for our competitors.

Its not only geared towards bully dogs like most shows, we want the standard people to come out and compete

 and have a great time also. So we want everyone with the blessing of the ABNA to come out and enjoy some old

school bulldoggin....with old school bulldoggers.....wait til yall get a load of our judges...lmao

we want to especially invite all the new people....unknowns....cause the ABNA i remember is not about politics and

who you know.

 ITS A SOLE EVALUATION OF THE DOGS BEING PRESENTED THAT DAY....which is what everyone needs and wants.
all registration papers accepted, just pay for a judges evaluation......

We got a great line up of judges that are gonna blow your minds also!!!!! So be looking out for the big announcement.

Everyone that we have contacted regarding the ABNA comeback is EXCITED THAT people stepped up and took the

initiative to get it going again. People that have been it the breed 20yrs!!!

There ain't no stopping set....venue set.....Working events set......judges raring to go.....competition

gaining interest.


no one is gonna do it like us.......

We're giving back to the people that support us. The first show will fund the next and so on and so on.......


MIDWEST AMERICAN BULLDOG COALITION.....ABNA....2012.....its where its at!!!

Anyone interested in being a steward please contact

Federation AB will be having working events Friday August 31st.