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Rescues and Placed dogs

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Rescues and Placed dogs
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Helping out in my own way..... 

 Over the last year I have helped a few people place dogs and I have rescued a few also. This page is dedicated to all the dogs that have passed thru my doors. Here's a dog from a shelter in Chicago that's available for adoption. Please follow the link for more info

Well this is Onyx. He didn't actually stay
with us but I helped his owner find him a
new home. He was a very mild tempered
pitbull mix and made a great house pet.


This is Blizzard. She is a sweet
tempered AB. She is currently
living in a pet home right here
on the south side of Chicago.
Blizzard was a placement also.


This is Nickle aka Nicky. He was a 2 yr old
peek-a-poo. He went as a placement to
Dopa Dogs Training and is currently
living it up with the the lead trainer.

 Thank you for looking. If you need help placing a dog, please email
or call 773-658-4705
I would be glad to help out in any way I can.